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Football is not only the king of sports, but also the king of the betting world. In every corner of our planet there are individuals who bet on football matches. In general, there are tens and even hundreds of millions of football bettors. And now they have a place where you can bet on football at a qualitatively new level. This is the N1 bet betting company, which offers favorable odds, a huge selection of competitions and a deep line of events.

The best odds and conditions for betting on football

Players choose N1 bet for football predictions due to the exclusive conditions of the game. The main magnet and competitive advantage is the coefficients for football events. We adhere to three basic principles:

  • Low margin. It often falls below 5 %;
  • Efficiency. We try to add events to the line as early as possible with set coefficients.
  • Stability and flexibility. Our football odds can be updated more than 50 times within an hour. And in LIVE even more often.

We managed to achieve this level through the use of modern tools, experience and a professional team of analysts.

Betting on football in N1 bet is also profitable due to other factors. The bookmaker offers several hundred leagues, detailed line and convenient tools: favorites, match centers, coupon settings. Fans of football betting in real time will appreciate a large number of events in LIVE.

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Selection of football leagues and competitions in the N1 bet line

There are football matches all year round in the line of the N1 bet bookmaker. We cover absolutely all levels of world football. At the same time, you can bet on matches of top competitions, as well as on events of a secondary nature.

Here are the types of football tournaments presented on the website:

  • National tournaments. We offer the top 5 European Leagues: Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, championships and cups of almost all countries of the world. You can bet on matches of lower divisions in many regions.
  • International competitions. Bets on football teams affect the World Cup, continental championships, qualification competitions. This applies to both adult and youth and junior football.
  • International club competitions. Do you prefer football forecasts at the highest level? All the Champions League matches are on our line. Also, you will always find events from the Europa League, Conference League, Copa Libertadores, AFC Champions League, FIFA Club Championship and other international club tournaments.
  • Women’s football. Women’s teams are not deprived of attention either. In the list of events you will find matches of national championships in women’s football, Champions League, national team competitions.
  • Tournaments of reservists, backups. Are you interested in U-21, U-19 club teams, second-team tournaments? The good news is that you will find similar matches in the N1 bet line.
  • Other competitions. In the N1 bet line there are matches of amateur teams, regional leagues, and numerous friendly meetings. Like the cherry on the cake – Simulated Reality or betting on football in a virtual format.

Popular types of football betting

In N1 bet, you can make a variety of bets before the match and bets on football in real time. In addition to the classic outcomes (winner, handicap, outcome, double outcome of the halftime bet), a number of other options are available in the line:

  • Various bets on goals: first/last goal, the range of goals scored, the exact number of goals, multicores and so on;
  • The exact difference in the score;
  • Betting on the intervals and segments of the session;
  • Shutout Match;
  • Combined bets;
  • Accurate score, including multi-score;
  • Cards;
  • Corner kick;
  • Authors of goals;
  • Bets on sending off and penalties and many other markets.

Dynamic types of bets appear in LIVE. Also in the line you will find long-term football odds. N1 bet offers to bet on the winner of the championship, the place of the team, the passage through the tournament, the best forward.

Important rules for betting on football in N1 bet

In order to bet on football online as efficiently as possible, it is crucial to know the rules of betting calculation. We have listed some important points below:

  • If the match is interrupted, all bets, except for those that can be calculated, are canceled. However, if the match is resumed within 48 hours and the teams finish the match, the bets remain valid;
  • If the football coefficients are displayed with the wrong time, this bet may be canceled;
  • When applying VAR, BC reserves the right to cancel individual bets. For example, on goals.
  • If the teams for the specified match change places, and the nominal hosts become actual guests and vice versa, the bets are canceled;
  • When betting on cards, yellow counts for 10 points, red for 25. The two yellows that led to the red are counted for 20 points (10+10).

We hope this short extract from the rules will help you in betting in the N1 bet bookmaker.

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